How to Pay


What You Get

$95 deposit instead of the standard $495. Final payment deadline extension to 30 days prior to departure. Lower monthly payments. And hassle-free, automatic payments withdrawn from your checking account each month.

How to Register

Register for your tour online and opt for the E-Z Pay payment method. Already a registered participant? You can still enroll on E-Z Pay until 200 days prior to departure. Check your passports account management site, or call the passports office at 1-800-332-7277.

How to Make Payments

Payments will be automatically withdrawn from your checking account on a monthly basis. For your convenience, you will also receive account invoices in the mail each month. Failure to fulfill a bounced or missed payment within 15 days will result in withdrawal from the E-Z Pay program.

What You Get

The standard $495 deposit and a final payment deadline of 110 days prior to departure. No interim late payment fees. Pay when you choose, as long as you pay in full by your group’s final payment deadline.

How to Register

Participants who have not opted for E-Z Pay Billing are enrolled on the Convenience Billing plan by default. If you are enrolled on the E-Z Pay plan and would like to switch to Convenience Billing, you may do so in writing at any time, for any reason.

How to Make Payments

You will receive a bill from passports in the mail each month, equal to your remaining balance divided by the number of months until your final payment deadline. Payments of these courtesy bills is suggested but not required. There will be no late fees for not making suggested monthly payments. In order to not receive a $75 Late-Payment Surcharge, you must pay the remainder of your balance by your final payment deadline. Make a payment by check or money order sent to the passports office: 7 Midstate Drive Suite 102, Auburn MA 01501. Credit card payments will not be accepted.


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passports Educational Group Travel partners with teachers across the United States to provide high-quality educational travel experiences to their students. Educational tours visit destinations around the world - primarily France, Italy, England, Spain and Costa Rica - at low, guaranteed prices.

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