Why Passports?


1) First, Let's Talk a Bit About COVID-19

Best Refund Policy in the Industry - Passports Exclusive

Passports refunds 75% until 30 days prior to departure as our default policy. Early cancellations have fixed, low cancellation penalties. We would love for you to compare our cancellation policy to our competitors. Passports acts as the best partner we can, for every traveler, on every tour. That’s our promise.

In 2020 and 2021, when refunds were due, Passports paid them immediately.

Outstanding Customer Feedback (especially now)

Please compare our TrustPilot reviews to our competitors. Passports TrustPilot, EF TrustPilot, Explorica (Worldstrides) TrustPilot, ACIS TrustPilot. TrustPilot is one of the few platforms where reviews can’t be removed for a fee, so it’s the best way to tell how a company really does. Pay attention to the reviews for each company that are invited vs. verified. All of Passports reviews are either verified or organic. Not so with our competitors, where many of their positive reviews are "Invited".

We’re sorry to point this out, but it’s a big deal.

100% Refund for Small Groups - Passports Exclusive

Worried that you might not get enough participants to make the trip viable? Passports refunds 100% for groups that don't get six paying participants.

Included Overseas Medical Coverage - Passports Exclusive

Passports provides and pays for a post-departure travel protection plan that helps protect you while on your trip with coverage for trip interruption ($2000), trip delay, baggage loss, theft or delay, emergency medical expenses, evacuation and more. To put this into real-life terms, groups that require repatriation can be reimbursed for up to $2000 of the incurred cost and an additional $1000 for missed tour services. Passports includes Post-Departure Travel Protection for all travelers, as part of the program cost.

Social Proof

2) Our Tours are First Class

Passports groups stay in hotels like this

Amazing Hotels

City-Center Hotels

Passports participants stay in centrally-located, 3-and-4 star hotels, right near the sites they came to see. With a budget company, you could stay up to an hour’s drive away! This wastes time and money and provides extra on-tour expenses. Not with Passports.

Amazing Hotels

Hotel Choice - Passports Exclusive

Starting in 2022, private groups of 25 or more can select their own accommodations. In the months prior to departure, Passports will present you with a dossier of prospective hotels from which to choose. A little closer to the Eiffel Tower or closer to the trendy shopping district? You really can’t go wrong. Just another Passports Plus+.

Hotel options may be more limited in smaller cities or with large groups.

Group leader testimonials about our hotels.

Meals served on Passsports Tours

Authentic Cuisine

Local, Authentic, City-Center Restaurants

Passports meal budget exceeds $20 per person per meal. Passports provides complete three-course meals in a variety of local restaurants, allowing travelers to experience authentic, local cuisine at each meal.

Restaurant Profiles

Menu Choice - Passports Exclusive

For private groups in 2022 of any size, choose from a selection of three meals at each restaurant. Food is a central part of culture and a focus of every Passports tour and we want you to be a part of making your trip unforgettable for each and every one of your travelers.

Group leader testimonials about the restuarants that Passports uses.

Georgina, Larry and Julian - just a few of our AMAZING Tour Directors

Industry-Best Tour Directors

The best tour directors want to travel with a high-quality company like Passports, because they know the group will stay in better hotels, eat better food, and simply be happier customers. Most of our Tour Directors have 20+ years experience and have led hundreds of tours with Passports. Don’t take our word for it. Watch some of our Tour Director Lecture Series. They are not only travel experts but also educators, like you.

What do our group leaders think about our Tour Directors?

3) We Put Customer Satisfaction Above All Else

Happy Passports Groups

What You See is What You Get
Up-front and Honest Pricing

No On-Tour Upselling

With other companies, their Tour Directors are instructed to sell additional excursions to the group while on tour. When staying outside of the city centers, a group has little choice but to purchase the extra activities, lest they want to spend their free time in the hotel. You can expect that purchasing a day trip on the spot is going to be more costly than paying in advance.

More Inclusions

With Passports, our tours are filled with INCLUDED activities and excursions that were priced into the itinerary in the beginning. Our Tour Directors are instructed NOT to provide any additional excursions unless specifically requested by a group leader. In most cases, our tours are too filled with included activities that there is no time for on-tour upselling. Additionally, due to our hotels being in the city centers, there is always plenty to do.

Ample Food - Saves $$$

Passports meal budget exceeds $20 per person per meal. This provides a three-course meal. The budget is this high to provide an authentic culinary experience, but also to provide your group with enough sustenance so that they don’t have to stop for more food after dinner. That’s an expense that decision-makers don’t often think of, but it amounts to hundreds of dollars in savings.

Included Tour Director Tip Option

Tour Directors receive tips at the end of the tour. Including the tip in the up-front tour cost saves your group from carrying around extra money overseas or being surprised with an extra expense at the end of the tour. This is just another way that Passports is honest and up-front about all expenses. You can choose to include the tip ahead of time - or not to. Passports gives you the option.

No Hidden Charges

No adult fee. With Passports, adults pay the same as students. Oftentimes adults will opt for a double room as they can’t room with students, and there is a charge for the double room. But there is no charge simply for being an adult.

No hidden airline fees. No hidden tripwire fees. With Passports, what you see is what you get.

Dave and Dale, Passports President and Vice President, dancing the Gay Gordons in Edinburgh

Customer Service

Trusted Points of Contact

Our Tour Advisors are amazing people who work with the group leaders during the pre-sale, enrollment, pre-departure, on-tour and post-tour periods. They check-in when you are overseas. They are your first point of contact throughout the entire process to assist in all phases of the tour. This is more important than you would think - unless you’ve been with another company and changed hands several times in the course of the tour. You will also be in touch with our Customer Success department, whose job it is to liaise with you, your tour advisor and our operations team. The point is: trust and accountability are critical in our relationship with a group leader.

Our Promise

Passports' top priority is to operate with respect for our partner schools, the travelers, the community, and ourselves. Excellent customer service is a matter of personal and organizational pride and everyone in our organization is here to work with and for you. We don’t want even one dissatisfied customer and we will work with every single school district, school, group leader, and traveler to ensure that this is the case.

If you have any questions about this, you can speak with our President, David Markle, or our Vice President, Dale Davies, who work every day with school administrators and group leaders, on a one-on-one basis. We are here for you. We will work with you.

Group leader testimonials about our attention to customer service.

Tim, a longtime Passports group leader, and all-around great guy

Optional School Recruitment Reimbursement

Passports Exclusive

Enroll ten participants and get $500 to cover any expenses. For every 5 paying participants thereafter, get another $250. Payments can be to the school or to the main group leader. Treat your group to an extra gelato on tour, use it have pizza at a planning meeting or post-trip photo party, or use it for a travel scholarship. It’s up to you!

Our Bottom-Line Guarantee

We are real people trying to do something good in the world. We will work tirelessly to earn your trust and to be the best partners we can be while offering a valuable service to you and your community.


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passports Educational Group Travel partners with teachers across the United States to provide high-quality educational travel experiences to their students. Educational tours visit destinations around the world - primarily France, Italy, England, Spain and Costa Rica - at low, guaranteed prices.

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