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passports provides better quality tour services (hotels, meals, etc.), with more inclusions. We cost more than EF, but less than you'd think for what you get in return. passports is a better value!

passports vs. EF Tours

The bottom line: passports guarantees higher quality inclusions than EF Tours, for a bit more money.

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Experiential Learning Platform

Learn. Experience. Reflect. passports facilitates the unique learning process experienced by students traveling overseas. Learn about the sights you’ll see on tour with travel lesson plans, participate in experiential activities overseas, then reflect on new experiences in your reflection journal.

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Better Hotels

3-or 4-star, centrally located hotels, right near the sights you came to see. With EF, you could stay up to an hour's drive away, wasting hours of sightseeing time per day! Or, you could pay hundreds of dollars to upgrade to the passports standard.

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Better Meals

Authentic, satisfying meals at local restaurants. With EF, staying an hour away from the city often times means eating familiar American food in your hotel.

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Better Flights

Preferential flight routings, getting you to your destination faster so you can enjoy the sights. No adding connections or changing flights last minute to get the cheaper deal, like with EF.

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Exceptional Tour Directors

The best tour directors want to travel with a high-quality company like passports, because they know the group will stay in better hotels, eat better food, and simply be happier customers.

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More Inclusions

passports provides better quality inclusions, and more of them. EF has on-tour "black" optionals - places your tour director will happily bring you, for a price.

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Included Insurance

Vital overseas health and accident insurance is included at no extra cost on all passports tours. EF offers optional Global Travel Protection for $155.

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Guaranteed Prices

Once a student enrolls with EF, their individual program price will not change - but it will increase incrementally for the rest of your group! With passports, your entire group has one, simple, guaranteed price.

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Unsurpassed Service

You work with one expert passports representative from start to finish, year to year. No getting shuffled between departments.

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passports is family-owned and cares about every client. With huge budget companies like EF, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

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No Adult Supplements

If you are an adult, you don't need to pay extra to join a passports tour. With EF, payees 20 or older are charged a $125 fee, plus $30 per night for double rooms.


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passports Educational Group Travel partners with teachers across the United States to provide high-quality educational travel experiences to their students. Educational tours visit destinations around the world - primarily France, Italy, England, Spain and Costa Rica - at low, guaranteed prices.

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