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January 11, 2014

The Editor's Choice: Emilia-Romagna Culinary Arts Tour

They say than an education in the Culinary Arts is incomplete without a visit to the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. It’s also said that the food available here may be the finest in the world.

You can travel to this part of the world, learn about its cuisine, and eat at its memorable restaurants.

Imagine: guided visits to Parmesan cheese and prosciutto factories in Parma, to cellars that produce Modena’s exquisite traditional Balsamic vinegar (aged for up to 25 years in wooden barrels) and Modenese Lumbrusco wine, and on to Bologna, famous for itstortellini pasta, its delectable ragù (known throughout the world as Bolognese sauce) and for its mortadella, the grandfather of the “baloney” found throughout the world.   And gourmet dinners each evening, one more remarkable than the other.

All this in the vibrant, cultural heart of Italy.

This is a “trip of a lifetime” opportunity for teachers of the Culinary Arts, for their students, and for food enthusiasts of all ages.

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