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March 7, 2017

Getting School Board Approval for Educational Travel

If you are seeking permission to organize an overseas trip, there are some important things to keep in mind before talking to your school principal, or to the school board.

Remember, school administrators have good intentions. Principals and the members of school boards have the safety and best interest of their teachers and students at heart, but are prepared to withhold permission if they have doubts. They don’t want to be seen as responsible if for any reason “things go wrong.” However, doubts and liability fears are easily addressed.

Emphasize the educational value of overseas travel. Let’s not forget why we’re doing this: it is to provide to our young people a truly educational experience which will invigorate them professionally, expand their horizons, and make the world a safer place. These are very important goals these days that are shared by school administrators.

Minimize safety concerns. The exciting capital cities of Western Europe and all but a handful of trouble spots worldwide are no less safe than New York City, or Washington, D.C., and may be safer consequent of the heightened security and safety protocols. If it’s a trouble spot, the U.S. government will tell you so, and you won’t go there. Absent such a “travel warning,” there’s no compelling reason to stay at home!

Make reference to the company/client agreement which holds districts, schools and teachers harmless. passports has terms and conditions, agreed to in advance by the travelers and by their families, which exonerate chaperones and district personnel from legal responsibility.

Make reference to the passports insurance policy. The additional protection of a company liability insurance policy is always welcome. Teachers and group organizers may request that they be specifically named as insured, and passports will provide special certificates of insurance upon request. Talk about it with your principal and your school board.

Cite the inclusion of overseas medical insurance for all passports tours. Post Departure travel protection is provided and paid for by passports for all eligible travelers. This plan includes coverage for trip interruption, trip delay, baggage loss and delay and emergency medical expenses. Participants also have the option to purchase trip cancellation coverage.

Emphasize the need to let the families decide for themselves. No school administrator wants to interfere with the decision of well-informed parents to let their son or daughter see London for the first time, or Paris. Just so long as all the information is there, and just so long as the administrator has asked all the right questions. That’s the administrator’s job, after all. The rest is up to you, to the kids, and to their families.

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