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September 20, 2017

10 Fun Facts About Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle student group tour



1. Schloss Heidelberg was struck by lightning.... TWICE!  It's true! The first time was in 1537; and the second time was in 1764. In between those two-hundred-plus years the castle also suffered destruction from war and fires. Given this history, it's quite remarkable that the structure, built in 1214, is still standing today.

2. It's not just one castle, but two. The upper was on Kleiner Gaisberg Mountain, near the Hotel Molkenkur; and the lower castle is at the current location, in a place called Jettenbühl.

3. The city of Heidelberg was frequently visited by tourists, especially after the railroads came through in the mid-1800s.

4. Mark Twain wrote about the castle in 1880 in his international travel guide A Tramp Abroad.

5. The majority of tourists who visit Heidelberg in current times come from Japan and the USA!

6. in 2009, the castle was made available to the general public for weddings, and has become a highly-desirable venue for such a romantic occasion.

7. Everyone already knows this (or should!) but... Heidelberg Castle is home to the world's largest wine barrel. But did you know there is a dance floor on top of the barrel? True! Visitors can climb a set of stairs and dance the Schuhplattler

8. Annually, in March and April, the Heidelberger Frühling international music festival is held at the schloss and features a variety of genres and performances. 

9. Despite its being the victim of war in the 13th through 18th centuries, Schloss Heidelberg was spared in World War II because it held no interest to the Allied forces.

10. And finally, the town of Heidelberg is home to the oldest university in Germany... Heidelberg University, of course!


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