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Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai

9 Days Beijing 3 • Xi'an 2 • Shanghai 2


Accommodations in centrally-located three-star or four-star hotels. Rooming on a double basis.


Round-trip transportation on scheduled airline.


All breakfasts. Five lunches. All dinners. Peking Roast Duck dinner on Day 3. Hui Muslim dinner on Day 5. Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show with Dumpling Dinner on Day 6. Sichuan dinner and Mask-Changing Show on Day 7.


English-speaking tour escort throughout. Special arrangements as noted.


Entrances and activities as noted on itinerary.

Travel Protection

passports provides and pays for a Post Departure Travel Protection Plan that includes coverage for Trip Interruption, Trip Delay, Baggage Loss or Delay, Medical Expense and Evacuation and more.

Days 1-2: Arrival Beijing

Arrival transfer

Day 3: Beijing

Beijing city sightseeing: Local guide, Kung Fu lesson, Visit to Tian'anmen Square, Visit to the Forbidden City, Panoramic view from Jingshan Park

Peking Roast Duck dinner

Day 4: Beijing

Excursion to the Great Wall: Great Wall of China, Walk on the Great Wall of China

Acrobatic Show

Day 5: Beijing - Xi'an

Departure transfer, High-speed train Beijing-Xi'an, Arrival transfer

Bike tour on Xi'an's City Walls: helmet included, Local Guide

Evening walking tour at the Muslim Market

Hui Muslim dinner

Day 6: Xi'an

Excursion to Emperor Qin's Tomb and Terra Cotta Army with Xi'an City Sightseeing: Local Guide, Bronze Chariots and Horses, Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show with Dumpling Dinner

Day 7: Xi'an - Shanghai

Departure transfer, Flight Xi'an-Shanghai, Arrival transfer

Sichuan dinner and Mask-Changing Show

Day 8: Shanghai

Full-day city sightseeing: Local Guide, Visit to the Yuyuan Garden, People's Square, Nanjing Road, Bund waterfront promenade, Coach tour in the French Concession, Visit to the Pudong financial district (Lujiazui)

Huangpu River cruise

Day 9: Departure

Departure transfer

Days 1-2: Arrival

A dream comes true as your wide-bodied jet thunders off the airstrip, bound for China. Cross the International Date Line and land in Beijing, the city that sets the tone and chooses the direction for this vast country of over a billion people.

Day 3: Beijing City Sightseeing, Peking Duck Dinner
Beijing city sightseeing

Explore the capital city on a sightseeing tour.

A local guide, well-educated and specially-trained on the history and culture of Beijing and its surroundings, will accompany you today.

Kung Fu lesson

As you follow the instructions of a Kung Fu teacher in the park, you'll get introduced to an ancient martial art in the land where the demanding discipline of Shaolin Kung Fu was created 1,500 years ago by monks of the Shaolin Buddhist Temple, in the central Henan Province.

Visit to Tian'anmen Square

See the vast and bare expanse ringed by monuments such as the Gate of Heavenly Peace (which gave the square its name, Tian'anmen), the Great Hall of the People, the Monument of the People's Heroes, and the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong.

Visit to the Forbidden City

Enter the walled imperial palace that no one could access or leave without the emperor's permission. It took more than a million workers to build it, back in the early 1400s.

Panoramic view from Jingshan Park

Cross the street that separates the Forbidden City from Jingshan Park, a lovely landscaped area crowned by a hill with five summits, one of which is the highest point in Beijing. Climb up and take in the panoramic view with the Forbidden City in the foreground.

Peking Roast Duck dinner

Tonight's dinner features a local specialty from the imperial era that's so famous that it still bears the 17th-century European spelling for Beijing.

Day 4: Excursion to the Great Wall, Acrobatic Show
Excursion to the Great Wall

Get ready to discover one of the Wonders of the World.

Great Wall of China

Supposedly visible from space, this wall thousands of miles long is over 2,000 years old in some sections. Qin began it. The Ming Dynasty rebuilt it. Nixon came to see it. Now you will too, at a secluded section where the skies are clear, the mountain scenery dramatic, and the site still free of crowds of tourists.

Walk on the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall runs along mountain ranges, twisting its way up and down along crest lines. Exploring on foot is an extraordinary experience: it will take you back in time, leaving you in awe at the magnitude of the enterprise. Enjoy the challenge as the path may be quite steep between the hills and forts spread along the way.

Acrobatic Show

Enjoy an electrifying Chinese acrobatic show tonight.

Day 5: Train to Xi'an, City Walls Bike Tour, Muslim Market Walking Tour
Train to Xi'an

A fast train whisks you away to an ancient city long known as Chang'an. It took Marco Polo much longer to get there! At the time of his visit, Xi'an was one of the world's largest cities. Nowadays, it remains a special destination as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China.

Bike tour on Xi'an's City Walls

See how the old city of Xi'an is surrounded by well-preserved and impressive fortifications built during the Ming Dynasty as you ride a bike on top of the Ancient City Wall.

A helmet is included with the bike rental.

A local guide, well-educated and specially-trained on the history and culture of Xi'an, will accompany your group.

Evening walking tour at the Muslim Market

Tonight, there's the thrill of a walking tour through the Muslim Market with your tour escort. This market has been an important feature in Xi'an for centuries, ever since the city became the starting point of the Silk Road, which wend its way across Asia to the Arabian Peninsula. The market stays open into the night and is famous for the shops that sell traditional dishes.

Hui Muslim dinner

Sample the unique flavors of the cuisine of the Hui people at tonight's dinner. This Chinese-speaking ethnic group, whose members are descendants of Muslim Silk Road travelers, have produced one of the Eight Great Cuisines of China by combining Chinese culinary traditions and Islamic dietary laws.

Day 6: Excursion to Emperor Qin's Tomb, Xi'an City Sightseeing, Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show with Dumpling Dinner
Excursion to Emperor Qin's Tomb and Terra Cotta Army with Xi'an City Sightseeing

Today you will enjoy an excursion outside of the city.

A local guide, well-educated and specially-trained on the history and culture of Xi'an, will accompany your group.

First Emperor Qin's Tomb and Terra Cotta Army

Visit the fabulous mausoleum of the ruler who founded the Qin Dynasty, back in 247 BC. He became king at the age of 13, and was the first to unify China and rule as emperor. During his reign, he ordered colossal works, notably a defensive wall, precursor of the Great Wall, designed to protect the northern flank of his empire.

Marvel at the thousands of life-sized terra cotta soldiers, some atop their steeds, which form the imperial bodyguards of the defunct, but still mighty, Qin Shi Huang.

Between two excavated pits filled with rows of soldiers, two large bronze chariots and their horses were also unearthed in 1980. Half the size of their original models, chariots, horses and attendants are reproduced in perfect details.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Visit one of the best known landmarks in Xi'an, the pagoda also known as the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda as it once counted three more levels. This Buddhist shrine was built in AD 652 to preserve sacred scriptures and figurines of deities brought from India.

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show with Dumpling Dinner

Tonight, savor a variety of dumplings, the best-known local specialty, and watch how performers in colorful costumes express through music and dance the culture of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907).

Day 7: Flight to Shanghai, Sichuan Dinner and Mask-Changing Show

Board a flight bound for a small fishing village that has grown into the largest city in China, with over 18 million inhabitants.

Sichuan dinner and Mask-Changing Show

This evening, enjoy a typical Sichuan dinner at a Shanghai restaurant where the attraction, besides the bold flavors of the elaborate Sichuan cuisine, is a Mask-Changing Show (Bian Lian), one of the traditional Sichuan arts whose secrets are protected by law. The spectacle is guaranteed to mesmerize the audience!

Day 8: Shanghai City Sightseeing, Huangpu River Cruise
Full-day city sightseeing

Today, a city tour includes the Bund, a promenade along the Huangpu River's famous waterfront. Take in the contrasting vistas of the pre-revolution Old Quarter and the modern skyscrapers of the financial district and the new Pudong area. You will also see the Yuyuan Garden, the Jade Buddha Temple and the Shanghai TV Tower.

A full-day local guide, well-educated and specially-trained on the history and culture of Shanghai, will accompany your group.

Visit to the Yuyuan Garden

Step back in time on a visit to the Garden of Happiness, rightfully celebrated for the beauty of its landscaping. First established in 1559 for a high-ranking official of the Ming Dynasty, it was restored in the 1960s as a National Monument. See pavilions and pagodas, meandering dragon walls, ponds, sculptures, and rockeries, in particular the Exquisite Jade Rock, 12 feet high, which is one of the three most famous rocks in China.

People's Square

Head to the large public public space off Nanjing Road that's the standard reference for distance measurements within Shanghai or from Shanghai. Landmarks include the seat of the Shanghai Municipal Government, the Shanghai Museum, the Shanghai Grand Theater, and the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

Nanjing Road

See Nanjing Lu, Shanghai's main shopping street and its busiest thoroughfare, nearly four miles long.

Bund waterfront promenade

Walk along this famous riverside promenade whose name means "embankment." It lies on the western bank of the Huangpu River, across from the Pudong financial district.

French Concession

Head to the Luwan and Xuhui Districts, site of the former French Concession. Nowadays, this area is a popular shopping and dining destination for locals and tourists alike with its boutiques, art galleries, and antique stores.

Historic landmarks include the Former Residence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, where the first President and Founding Father of the Republic of China resided between 1918 and 1925, and the Longhua Temple, a Buddhist shrine with a long history.

Visit to the Pudong financial district (Lujiazui)

Explore Lujiazui, Pudong's new business district, situated in a bend of the Huangpu River, on the opposite bank from the Bund and Shanghai's historic center. Developed in the 1990s as the city's business center, Pudong has become China's financial hub.

Huangpu River cruise

Take in the impressive Shanghai skyline on both banks as you cruise along the Huangpu River: the historic west side with the Bund, and the contemporary east side with Pudong.

Day 9: Departure

You'll get the day back today as you cross the International Date Line once again, for an arrival back home on the same calendar day you left China.

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