Zurich to Lucerne (via Zug)

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Zurich to Lucerne (via Zug)

Along Lake Zurich  You'll get occasional glimpses of the lake from the highway. But the most prominent feature is the towering peak of Uetliberg — 2800 feet high — on your right as you leave Zurich. (Follow the signs for Lucerne. Before entering the town of Zug, watch for signs announcing your entrance into the canton of Zug.)

Zug: Canton and Town  Canton: Zug is small and centered around Lake Zug. The population is a mere 52,000. This canton is German-speaking and Catholic. Orchards and gardens line the lakeshore. The lowlying hills are the forested foothills of the Zugerberg, the peak that lies due south (to your left).

The Town of Zug: The town is one of Switzerland's oldest, and has passed back and forth among ruling families during the Middle Ages. At one time, of course, it was under the Habsburgs. Zug joined the Swiss Confederation in 1352. (Your route takes you through the center of Zug. As you turn right to take the road to Lucerne, watch for the quays of Lake Zug, which will be on your left — point it out to the group. After leaving the town of Zug, the road circles around one end of Lake Zug, then leaves the lake behind. A few kilometers after that, you enter the canton of Lucerne.)


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