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June 18, 2014

Trendy Travel Blogs We Love (and So Should You!)

Tracey's World

Passport required!!  Tracey’s World is possibly our new favorite!  Tracey Friley was one of National Geographic Traveler’s 2013 “Travelers of the Year” and we can certainly see why.  Friley created “OneBrownGirl.com” and its sister organization, “OBGAdventures” – a 5-year endeavor that provides, in the first instance, travel immersion in Paris for young adult women or adult couples; and in the second case Parisian immersion for teen girls.  In her words, “It’s not a tour.  It’s an experience.  And I am the curator.”  Friley’s latest endeavor is the Passport Party Project, described as “a global awareness initiative that gifts under-served American girls 11-15 with their very first passports”, which Friley describes as her most important work to date.

Stamp in My Passport

20-something Jess Boyd blogs about her travel plans, among other topics, from her desk at Harding University where she’s studying public relations.  This blog, geared towards the younger crowd, is one of our favorites for a daily check-in.  Boyd chose Harding University because they have a Paris, France campus!  She was lucky enough to spend a semester abroad, and declared that she was “bitten by the travel bug.”  She claims that, as a student on a tight budget, she learned that “you really don’t need that much money to travel to Europe as long as you’re smart about it.”  At her young age, Boyd has already traveled to so many destinations, she has a collection of “postcards” on her website that would impress even the most seasoned traveler! Jess’ daily posts are fun and informative, and we always go away having something to think about.

Messy Nessy Chic

Messy Nessy Chic may be just about the trendiest travel site out there.  This fun and inspirational blog includes everything from nostalgia, obscure history, and time travel to art, shopping, automobiles, and how to travel like a non-tourist.  You need to see it to believe it!  It’s like Instagram or Tumblr on steroids, but with more information!

Chapter Friday

Created by ELLE freelance writer, Yara Michels, Chapter Friday’s slogan is “Because today is the day.”  Everybody loves Fridays, right?  This team of self-described supergirls, posts on a diverse set of topics including fashion, career, shopping, living, and of course… travel.  With helpful articles about how to fall asleep on a long flight, tips on working in a foreign country, suggestions for travel wardrobe essentials and travel beauty tips, this site is a must-have for ladies who travel.

Hand Luggage Only

Hand Luggage Only is a “travel blog with a side of food and home inspiration”, based in the UK.  We had to look twice, because the person who writes some of the blogs is called “Yaya” and the previous blog (see above) is run by a person named “Yara.”  Talk about doing a double-take!  Yaya’s unique method of instant-gratification blogging is sure to grab your attention.  Each post is accompanied by a description of how long it takes the average person to read that post!  For example, “a 1 minute read” or a “6 minute read.”  Pressed for time, or have a short attention span?  Not to worry, Hand Luggage Only has got you covered – read a little, or a lot.  It’s totally up to you.

Traveling Cats

Now, really, how can we get through a day on the internet without…cats. Or, more accurately, pictures of cats, from around the world.  We will say no more.  This is a guilty pleasure, plain and simple.  You can visit the Traveling Cats website below, and if you’re really a kitty connoisseur, you could get the photo book Chats Autour du Monde.  No, we are not kidding.


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