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June 21, 2017

7 Airport Hacks For Students Traveling This Summer

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The travel experts at passports have airport check-in down to a science.

Here are some of our favorite airport hacks for students traveling this summer!


Wear a smile!

Everyone knows you get more bees with honey. So let your smile shine through. Be polite and courteous to airline and TSA personnel. Seeing a happy traveler really can brighten someone's day.


Keep your passport and boarding pass handy

While checking in, your passport and boarding pass should be in your hand until it's time to go through security. After the agent has checked your documents, stow your passport and boarding pass in the most convenient, zippered pocket of your carry-on bag. You won't be able to carry these documents through the scanner, and you'll retrieve your bag on the other side of the conveyor belt. You'll need your boarding pass again when you get on the plane, so make sure it's easy to grab in a zippered pocket. Bonus tip: use your boarding pass as a bookmark (if you're reading a printed book!).

Wear slip-on shoes (with socks!)

Putting on your shoes while the rest of your travel group waits for you can be a big hassle. Tying and untying your shoes when you go through airport security just plain stinks. Go for a pair of slip-on shoes, if at all possible. Ladies, we agree sandals are beautiful, and flip-flops are comfy...but pack those in your checked bag and opt for wearing shoes and socks during airport time. Do you know how many germs are on those floors? Eww!

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Travel light

Not only does this apply to your trip, overall, but especially your carry-on bag. Bring only the essentials: phone, something to read, money, valuables, dental care items, medication and maybe a change of underwear or one extra t-shirt. Liquids are heavy, and can slow you down at security checkpoints. 


Have a snack and a beverage

It's always a good idea to have a light snack and a bottle of water after you've checked in, while you are waiting for your flight departure. There is usually a lengthy time period where you're sitting around the airport, so make the best use of your time. Fuel up, and stay hydrated!


Use the facilities

Before you board the aircraft, it's a good idea to visit the restroom one last time before take-off. You'll be one step ahead while in flight, and won't have to be uncomfortable during cabin pressure changes or long waits for the captain to turn off the fasten seat belt sign.


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Expect delays

These days, delays are the norm, rather than the exception. Be prepared by having something to read, a friend to talk to, or even catch up on a couple of phone calls while you're waiting. One of our company executives uses delay time for a little exercise. Walking briskly up and down the corridors of an airport, while carrying or pulling your carry-on is actually a fantastic workout! Bonus: "walking it out" lowers stress and loosens up your muscles before a long flight.

Got any tips or advice for fellow travelers on how to make airport time more fun? Tell us about it in the comments!


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