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April 15, 2020

Passports Photo Jeopardy

Not sure where to head on your next adventure abroad? Check out just a few destination options by playing Passports Photo Jeopardy!

The category is Passports Destinations!

Photo #1

Clue: This is a different angle on a famous bridge in this Italian city. 

 Photo #2

Clue: You can find Joy on one of the most historic and famous streets (hint hint: street signs) near the Royal Palace in this Spanish city. 

Photo #3

Clue: We saw this unicorn statue on the 2018 Passports International Teacher Convention tour to this city - the unicorn also happens to be the country’s National Animal. 

Photo #4

Clue: This city has become a hotspot for crepes eateries over the years due to its train station in the southern part of the city, where trains arrive from Brittany, originally home of the crepe. 

Photo #5

Clue: Most patios in this Spanish city have orange trees.




Do you think you know all of the destinations? Here are the answers!

Photo #1 What is Venice, Italy? This photo is one of our student groups on the Rialto Bridge in Venice. You can cross it yourself on our Venezia, Firenze, Roma! tour.

Photo #2 What is Madrid, Spain? This photo captures a glimpse of the signage found on one of Madrid’s most famous streets Calle Arenal linking Puerta del Sol and Plaza de Isabel II. You can explore this historic area on our Madrid and Barcelona tour. 

Photo #3 What is Edinburgh, Scotland? The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland (check out the history of the unicorn in Scotland). You can find the unicorn for yourself on our London to Edinburgh tour. 

Photo #4 What is Paris, France? Montparnasse, an area in the south of Paris has many crepes eateries, due to the arrival of train passengers from Brittany at the Gare de Montparnasse. You can find some delicious crepes in Paris on our La Belle France tour. 

Photo #5 What is Seville, Spain? Check out Seville’s historic architecture and orange trees on our Sun Coast tour. 


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