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July 7, 2016

Blog Spotlight: Lillie Marshall

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We’d like to shine a spotlight on an inspiring educator, Lillie Marshall. Lillie, @WorldLillie online, is a Boston public school teacher with a passion for teaching and traveling. In 2009, Lillie traveled the world for nine months during a sabbatical. Her journey took her to Japan, Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos) Italy, Spain, Portugal and she spent three months in Ghana as a volunteer teacher. Since returning, she’s visited China twice (once with 42 students on an educational group tour), Greece, Belize, India, Ireland, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Her enthusiasm for global education and traveling inspired her to create her site Around the World “L” to chronicle her own adventures. Shortly after, she launched Teaching Traveling, a site dedicated to sharing the stories of other traveling teachers through informative and inspirational interviews. On Teaching Traveling she says “the point of TeachingTraveling.com is to celebrate that teaching is great, traveling is great, and we should all do more of both. This site aims to inspire more teachers to travel and more travelers to teach, and to provide educators and parents with global education curriculum and resources.”

Those words are what we’re all about at Passports Educational Travel, and that’s why we love Lillie. Her values align with the Passports ethos perfectly, that traveling allows students to step outside of their comfort zones to experience things they’ve only read about in textbooks and gain new perspectives. Lillie’s articles collaborate with other “teacher-travelers” who have something valuable to offer her audience. The interview questions she asks draw responses that regularly offer advice, resources and inspiration.

Her blog is easy to navigate with different categories focused on teaching abroad, volunteering, travel programs, vacations and travel grants. There is something for everyone on Lillie’s blog and it’s definitely worth checking out!

On a final note, as Boston-based company, we may be a little biased, but we do love a hometown girl! #GoSox



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