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May 12, 2017

Benefits for Teachers Who Travel with Their Students

Here at passports, we know how hard our group organizers work to provide their students with the trip of a lifetime. As our partner in organizing educational travel, we’ve always rewarded group organizers with cash bonuses, extra free trips, and other great benefits. It’s just one way of us thanking you for all that you do.

Passports also has new low prices for 2018-2019 student group travel. Now, that may seem like a long way off, but hundreds of group organizers have already started the planning process. Getting started early means you’ll lock in our lowest prices and take advantage of all these great benefits we have to offer!

You Travel for Free

Teachers travel for free with passports. For every 6 full-paying participants you enroll on your tour, you earn a free spot. Enroll 6 more and give your free spot to a co-counselor.

Recruitment Reimbursement

We recognize the time and effort that goes into recruiting a group to travel. Not to mention the out-of-pocket costs that are sometimes necessary. Recruiting calls for organizational meetings, a bon voyage party, and a welcome home photo party. Having pizzas and refreshments at your trip meetings is a nice gesture that can improve the turnout at your meetings. But it doesn't have to cost you a thing.

Enroll ten participants and we’ll send you a check for $500. For every 5 paying participants thereafter, get another $250. Happy recruiting!

Early Enrollment Discount for Your Participants

Your group members get a discount for enrolling early, plus more time to pay off their balances. That means lower monthly payments, bringing the cost of travel down within the reach of most families.

Rewards Program

Enroll early to earn rewards points redeemable for cool stuff. It’s that easy! Click here for details.

For example, 10 enrollments by May 15 gets you enough points for a free spot on a passports International Teacher Convention, like next year's to London. Submit 25, and bring a guest with you for free!

Combine and Save

passports combines groups to reduce costs and keep the price tag as low as possible for your travelers.

However, enroll 25 participants by October 15, 2017, and your group will travel in a private touring coach — for the same low combined price!


No monthly increases, no surprises. Your quotation is valid until your final payment deadline.

Cash Stipends

You earn a cash stipend for each enrollment that is not counted toward your free trip or a co-counselor’s free trip.

Quality Services, Low Prices

Call us for a quote today and find out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


Looking to travel in 2019? Check out our 2019 Travel Benefits.

Request more info here or click here to browse our tours. 



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