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May 14, 2020

Tour Director Lecture Series May 18 - May 22

We're pleased to continue to provide free, daily lectures. We are hearing from teachers around the country that they are enjoying our lectures and sharing them with their students. 

- Loving these and that they are presented by people living in the specific countries.
- These are fabulous! I always recommend them to my students. I can only hope they're watching.
- Really enjoying these webinars. My kids are frustrated with online learning, and this is such a bright spot for them, so I'm very thankful.

- Fantastique! I will definitely use this video with my classes.

Here are some highlights from this week:

Tour Director Lecture Series: Frances - French Cooking Lesson Tour Director Lecture Series: Georgina - London to Edinburgh
Crepes - Live Cooking Lesson
Step inside the kitchen of Frances Draxl for an intimate cooking lesson in the French style.
London to Edinburgh by Train
All aboard for the classic rail journey! Start at King's Cross, Platform 9 3/4, and continue north to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. 

Tour Director Lecture Series: Julian - Spanish Soul Food Tour Director Lecture Series: Victoria - Seville
Spanish Soul Food - Live Cooking Lesson
Enter the kitchen of Julian "Childs" Moseley, for a special homestyle White Bean Stew from his home in Spain.
Seville: Flamenco, Fiestas and Magic
Join us to discover the treasures of this city, home of flamenco and tradition, and its unique bright atmosphere.

You can see all of our lectures here.

The lectures are appropriate for students of all ages and are provided free of charge.

Each lecture features:
  • A 20-30 minute presentation by a Passports Tour Director
  • Questions from the attendees
  • A Kahoot quiz 
Please let us know what topics you'd like to see covered next. We have Tour Directors with expertise in many topics ranging from language, culture, architecture, dance, cooking ... the list is endless! 
Lectures for the week starting May 18
For meeting links, please email

Monday, May 18
11:00 AM ET
Andorra: The tiny country of the Pyrenees
With Gerard Orihuela Guerra

An explosion of color and life - culture, shopping, gastronomy - Andorra is a hidden gem.

Direct Link:

Monday, May 18
1:00 PM ET
Parisian Street Furniture: The Sequel
With Julian Moseley

Parisian streets are teeming with interesting and often quite beautiful objects that today we would call “street furniture”, and yet many visitors know little about them, or may not even notice them. I can guarantee that this lecture will open your eyes to things you’ve either never noticed before, or had noticed but had no idea what they were. You’ll never see Paris in the same light again!

Direct Link:

Tuesday, May 19
11:00 AM ET
With Victoria Lustig

An Andalusian exclusive - the songs, the dance - an unforgettable experience. Learn the roots of the iconic dance of Spain. 

Direct Link:

Tuesday, May 19
1:00 PM ET
Scotland: Monsters, Mountains and Tartan
With Georgina Newson

Scotland: a country with stunning scenery, a history of battles, myths and legends and, of course, good old Nessie, the Loch Ness monster. This talk will dip into the history of the Clans and the tartan they wear. We'll explore some of the scenery we've seen in TV shows and movies. And, maybe we'll find out... does the monster exist?

Direct Link:

Tuesday, May 19
3:00 PM ET
The Architecture of Madrid
With Luis Troconis

Take a ride through the streets of Madrid with your guide, Luis, as he regales you with tales of the history of the city and its architectural triumphs.

Direct Link:

Wednesday, May 20
11:00 AM ET
With Matthias Kort
From the fairy-tales that come alive in our forests to the simple thing of Spazierengehen, from the love of outdoor-activities to our environmental movements – what is so special about the relationship between Germans and nature?

Direct Link:

Wednesday, May 20
1:00 PM ET
Amazing Switzerland  
With Sara Cereda-Kort

We will go on a virtual tour to one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and learn about Swiss chocolate, Swiss cheese, the languages, how to play an alpine horn and how to yodel!

Direct Link:

Thursday, May 21
11:00 AM ET
French Cooking Lesson - Macarons
With Frances Draxl

Step inside the kitchen with Frances for an intimate cooking lesson in the French style. Learn how the French do it!
Macarons de Provence aux Amandes et Miel Recipe and Lesson Plan
Macarons Noisette et Citron Recipe

Direct Link:

Thursday, May 21
1:00 PM ET
Cities of Castile: Salamanca, El Escorial, Toledo and Segovia
With Tom Ferguson

Central Spain is your destination - visiting Madrid, Toledo, Salamanca, and Segovia. Catch a glimpse of the iconic landmarks of the region. 

Direct Link:

Friday, May 22
11:00 AM ET
Spanish Street Language
With Luis Troconis

It's not what you'd learn from books in school. Learn the functional language of daily life in Spain.

Direct Link:

Friday, May 22
1:00 PM ET
History of Europe in 20 Minutes
With Larry Alexander

Romanesque, Renaissance or Rococo? What does it all mean?

Direct Link:

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