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Merci Beaucoup!

Posted by Debbie Antinossi on 01/25/2013

January 24, 2013

Dear Kevin, Julian & the Passports staff, Ben & I want to THANK YOU very much for a great weekend in Paris!!! We had a wonderful time mainly thanks to all the people involved and the activities planned by Passports! We appreciated the ride from the airport. It’s always nice to just get on a bus and not have to worry about signs for the RER. The Hotel Opera Cadet was an excellent location and excellent choice. The rooms were nicely done and breakfast was awesome. The Cadet Metro stop was convenient and the area was quite charming and close to many attractions. The welcome reception was lovely. We met several other teachers who really enjoy Passports. I especially loved the Amelie Poulain tour since I’ve seen the movie about five times. I could really appreciate all the places visited. The Marais tour was excellent as well. I saw many sights that I had never seen before. The dinner at La Coupole with Frances was fantastic and quite memorable. She is awesome and very entertaining. She could be a stand-up comic if she wasn’t an English teacher and Passports rep. It was really a special treat to eat there since it is quite famous and I’ve seen it in French movies. We all really enjoyed the evening. The dinner on the Seine was superb. That was a first for us and we loved it. It was a great ending to a really nice get-away weekend. Being with the Passports staff really made us aware of how much of a “family” Passports is and how much Passports looks after clients. It makes us feel better that we travel with a company that cares about us and our travel needs. Again, we want to wish you a huge THANK YOU for a wonderful time in Paris. It was truly awesome! Sincerely, Debbie & Ben Antinossi

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