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Posted by Joy on 02/07/2011

I have traveled with Passports for the past eight trips and they still offer the best tours. I had traveled with another company, too, but was more than disappointed with them due to the quality of food, the flight schedules, the lack of attention to details once we arrived at our destination. One of the things that sets Passports apart is that when you call on the phone you actually talk to a person...all the time. You may be asked to leave a message, after you assure the person on the other end that it is not an emergency. This personal attention to all their customers isn't offered with other travel companies. The trips are comparable, and you can customize your own tour (this works best with 25+ paid travelers. The hotels have always been clean and in a location that provides students opportunity to explore the area. Distant locations (hotels from city centers) were one of the drawbacks with the other company. Another consideration is the quality and amount of food, which is important with high school students. The food isn't typically Americanized (a plus in my opinion). The couriers have been knowledgeable and friendly, also another quality I did not find with all the guides at the other company. The trips I have taken with students have always pleasurable. The flight plans have been direct even though at times we have to change planes, but that's because I prefer to fly out of our local airport rather than rent a bus to get us to an International airport. I don't think you'll be disappointed with Passports. Everyone is friendly and helpful and they will give you all the costs upfront when you ask. Happy travels!

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