Teacher Travel Messageboard: Make the right choice and choose Passports

Make the right choice and choose Passports

Posted by Duane Dickey on 11/19/2008

For any teachers and/or group leaders thinking of putting together a trip of a lifetime for your students...the best advice I can give you is to let Passports to handle your arrangements.

I know that there are many fine companies that can handle your travel plans, but I have been extremely pleased from start to finish with Passports. Kathy Bernard has been timely, patient, friendly, informative, and accommodating. I?ve traveled to Europe and South America on three different occasions with another company (People to People), and this summer I will take my fourth trip with Passports. Anyone who has traveled overseas with a large group knows that flexibility and a happy disposition goes a long way in making the trip more enjoyable, but I can?t emphasize how much more enjoyable I have found Passports. Everyone promises great communication and customer service, but I?ve been extremely pleased with how quickly information is communicated, support materials are provided, and phone calls and emails are returned. As far as the trip?.The Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, and The Colosseum will be the same regardless of which company gets you there. But I have found a HUGE difference in the accommodations for our trips. With the other tour company, our group was placed in hotels far from the city center. Ultimately, there was very little for the kids to do or see after the official tours were over and we were back at the hotel. On the other hand, I love how my groups have been placed by Passports. Last trip, we were easily able to organize additional excursions to various places, see additional sights, or just go shopping because our hotels were close to major attractions-or at least close to mass transit. I imagine that there are less expensive companies (honestly I haven?t checked), but for me it?s not a matter of saving a few dollars (or Euros), it is a matter if making sure that my students have an incredible experience, and that I can spend time enjoying their company, not worry about my travel company.

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