Teacher Travel Messageboard: Skateboarding in Barcelona

Skateboarding in Barcelona

Posted by Ginger Martin on 04/20/2006

I don't know exactly where you're going in Spain, but I just returned from the Cities of Castille tour for Spring Break '06, with an extension to Barcelona. We really enjoyed so much of what we saw in Spain, but my son (who is a skateboarder) was so excited to get to go to Barcelona because it is apparantly a big name with teens who skateboard. They watch all those skating videos, and some of the professionals have skated and videod there. Apparently, Barcelona is not wanting to be known for skateboarding because it can damage benches, tables, etc... and it is inconvenient for people who are trying to walk to have to be watching for skaters. However, there are two places we found where the kids can skate. One is by the train station - this is where a lot of the locals skate, plus, there's a McDonald's inside the train station. The other place was right by the beach. It's an actual outdoor skating facility. It's not big, but it's purpose is to accomodate skaters. It's pretty far down, but it's a beautiful walk along the beach to get there. If you ask the people, many of whom speak English, how to get there, they'll point the way. In Barcelona they call it a monapatin (mah-no-pah-teen)park. It's not traditional Spanish there. My son packed his skateboard, and he had a blast. Helmets are not required.

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