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Passports is there at all times!

Posted by Shane Kapela on 03/27/2006

We had the best trip to Ireland and England over Spring Break. I had one tiny little complaint, that Passports could not have known about, however, when brought to their attention, it was remedied within hours of our landing in Dublin. The rest of the trip ran very smoothly...however, beware of Ryan Airlines. Baggage weights are very strict and my students, who did not have huge bags had to pay, actually, I had to pay, I'm the fool with the credit card. Anyway, I am sticking with Passports for my trip next year to Spain and I feel very confident that Scott, my trip planner dude (as the students have referred to him...I don't think he knows this!) will help me plan a fabulous time of learning and living of the Spanish culture. Students in Carrollton, Texas are pumped for their next big adventure thanks to Passports having excellent food and excellent service. By the way, I am a pretty big critic of travel companies, so it takes a lot for me to write something like this. I mean it from the heart. I have tried other "to be named later" student travel companies and you feel like you are dealing with some big machine. This is not the case with Passports...I simple ask for "Scott" or "Dale" when I call to ask a question and my call goes straight through. This rules when you are on a short conference period or only have naptimes to ask a question while your 14 month old sleeps! Thanks!

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