Teacher Travel Messageboard: Yuletide in Paris

Yuletide in Paris

Posted by Paula Lancas on 01/01/2006

Just returned from the wonderful 2005 Teacher Convention in Paris. The Passports staff did a great job in offering walking tours, suggestions for personal explorations, etc. USA staff was also super in assisting me with the special transportation assistance that I needed. As a first time Passports teacher, leading a group to France in 2006, I look forward to working with the entire crew in the coming months. Vive Passports!

I would like to encourage any Passports group organizer to take advantage of the Teacher Conventions. It's quite different than traveling with the students and well worth a few days of Christmas vacation break! I also have one suggestion to pass along to all teacher travelers to Paris. The Musee d'Orsay offers free admission to teachers who can prove through an affidavit that they are in fact teachers. My NEA card has not worked in the past, nor my school ID (beccause it says STAFF, not TEACHER), but this trip, I wrote a note, in French on school letterhead, stating that I was a high school teacher. The principal signed it and attached the raised seal stamp of the school, and the Orsay did accept the letter as free admission. I did not even have to stand in line to buy tickets. I went directly to the entrance. By the way, the Louvre would NOT accept the document! Bonne Annee 2006! Bon voyage avec Passports! Paula Lancas

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