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Posted by Henri on 11/17/2005

The message board is being silent too long.

I am preparing to lead my first ever adventure with Passport for a 14-day voyage in June 2006. We are 50 teens and 4 adults going to France and taking a day trip to Spain. I have taken students abroad many times with other student travel companies but not yet with Passports. Because I have not yet traveled with Passports, I was hoping that some recent Group Leaders would share their experiences with me so I can better prepare and anticipate problems. We are now 10 months collaborating with the Passports staff and, so far, Passports is meeting our needs very well. If people are worried about the reported unrest in France, here is some good news. I have a 21 year old daughter in Paris spending her junior university year studying in Paris. She has been there since 1 September 2005 and will remain until she completes her exams in June 2006. She reports that everything is going well and is very happy; she travels at all hours alone in Paris to the 3 campuses where she has class. She has been on trips to Arles, Strasbourg, and other locales alone or with friends since CNN and Fox News have been reporting the unending unrest and the next Révolution Française. She has not noticed anything: no flaming cars or troubles anywhere. As a father I did recommend that she not stay out after 2AM without notifying her host family as I believe that polite young men and women from the USA should present some good manners and not bring shame on the family name. For corroborating information on the state of affairs in France, French teachers or French speakers should read the real French news online. Please post and share your experiences.

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