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As dedicated educators, enthusiastic travelers and concerned parents, we must demonstrate resolve in our belief that educational travel makes the world a better and safer place. This is the core ethos we have had at passports for decades. Our view will not change. We will continue to travel. In these times, learning about other cultures first­hand is more important than ever.

Proceed With Confidence

Up until 45 days prior to departure, you can:

Any costs incurred will be passed on to your group.

Tour Modification

Passports has always and will always work with its group leaders to deliver exactly the tour they want. At any time, a group leader can contact their Tour Advisor to arrange a tour revision. Revisions can include substituting one city for another.

Postpone Your Tour

You can opt to delay the departure date of your tour until later this year or even next year. If you request this prior to 110 days before departure, there will be no fee.

Full-Time Tour Directors

Passports has a network of the travel industry’s most experienced Tour Directors with an average tenure of ten years. They are experts in travel logistics and communication, bilingual and many are university trained in their particular area of expertise, whether that be art, history, language studies, etc. Your group will be met at the airport by your Tour Director, who will accompany you for the duration of your tour including all planned daytime events and overnights in your hotels.

In addition to your Tour Director, Passports has offices in the UK, France and Spain. Our overseas teams are able to provide up-to-the-minute updates on travel issues on the ground.

Passports’ city guides and motorcoach drivers are fully-licensed and certified in accordance with local and international regulations.

Travel Protection Included for All Travelers

Passports provides and pays for a post departure travel protection plan that helps protect you while on your trip with coverage for trip interruption ($1000), trip delay, baggage loss, theft or delay, emergency medical expenses, evacuation and more.

Read about the travel protection plan here. This is complimentary coverage, paid for by Passports, for all travelers.

Deluxe Travel Protection Plan

Passports recommends that participants purchase a plan that provides trip cancellation coverage to help protect your trip investment against the unexpected. For this reason we offer a Deluxe Travel Protection plan, through Arch Insurance Services. This plan provides coverage for the post departure benefits listed above, along with Trip Cancellation and Cancel for Any Reason coverage. Cancel for Any Reason provides reimbursement of up to 75% of your Insured Trip Cost, in the event you want to cancel your trip, up until 2 days of your scheduled departure date, for a reason not covered under the regular plan reasons. This plan can be purchased up until 21 days after enrollment. Read more about the optional Deluxe Travel Protection plan here.

Overseas Action Plan

Safety is of paramount importance to Passports. Our Tour Directors are in regular contact with our overseas and U.S. teams. We operate a 24-hour emergency line.

In the event of an overseas emergency, Passports has the following response protocols.

Our Tour Directors receive intensive training with the on-­the-­ground handling of group logistics and communication. They are expert travelers and educators. In the event of emergency, Passports has partnered with the team at iJET ( iJET’s Global Integrated Operations Center is a world-­class team that enables Passports to prepare for, monitor and quickly respond to a variety of potential or realized threats. Passports receives up-­to-­the­-minute alerts from the iJET Global Command Center and we have a dedicated hotline for our Tour Directors in the event that that they require assistance overseas.

Our domestic team is responsible for initiating and maintaining the communication chain with emergency contacts at home. We send group emails and text message alerts as necessary.

Parents have access to Passports 24-hour on call response team at our toll free number, 800 332 7277.

While emergencies overseas are rare, Passports communicates swiftly and clearly with parents and school administrators.

What kinds of actions has Passports taken in the past?

Passports exists to provide travel services, but also to support group leaders and protect our travelers overseas. In the past when situations required action overseas, Passports cooperated with group leaders to find solutions that worked for both parties.

Recently, at the request of and in cooperation with group leaders overseas, Passports replaced public transportation options with private tour buses. We worked with our group leaders to find solutions that made them more comfortable.

When there was a freak snowstorm in France, preventing arrival at pre-booked hotels, groups were re-booked accommodations. Granted, some tour activities were missed, but we worked with the group leaders to make the rest of the trip as comfortable and inclusive as we could. When the volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted in Iceland in 2010, Passports tours were extended until travel home was possible.

Although making changes like this often comes at a cost to the group, you can count on Passports to work with you if things don’t go as planned.

Code of Conduct

All Passports travelers agree to our Code of Conduct. These are common sense guidelines dictating appropriate behavior while overseas. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct can result in a traveler being sent home at the parent’s expense. You can read our Code of Conduct here, and refer to paragraph 4 of our Release & Agreement here about removal of a participant from tour.

State Department STEP Program

Passports encourages parents to enroll their child in the U.S. Department of State’s STEP program which registers their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. They offer services such as receiving important information from the Embassy, helping the U.S. embassy contact the traveler in the event of an emergency, whether natural disaster, civil unrest or a family emergency, and can help family and friends get in touch with a traveler in the event of an emergency back home.


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